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What is Yupp?

Yupp is a curated event listing site for the most amazing events in your city. We comb through all the ongoings in your area and select those that are most interesting and unforgettable, so you don't have to! When you want to know what's going on tonight, tomorrow and during the weekend, you can use Yupp as your centralized location for all great things in your area.

What does Yupp mean?

"Yupp" is two words/phrases combined - "what's up" and "yuppie". We believe yuppies (young urban professional) are the people changing the world on a daily basis. We want to support their efforts/events by creating a way for them to enhance their communities, hence Yupp. We understand you value experience over material things and we do our best to embrace that mindset.

How do you select your events?

Through careful consideration, discussion, analytics, and user feedback. Our team only approves events that we feel the Yupp community will benefit from the most. We focus on experiences that are meaningful to young professionals and create opportunities for those young professionals to establish a genuine connection.

Can I submit an event?

Yes! Visit our event submission form to tell us about your event. If we approve it, we'll send you an email letting you know your event was listed.

What are some events that will likely be approved?

Farmers markets, street festivals, secret concerts/shows, inclusive community gatherings, and other events that celebrate your local community.

What is a Yupp Vote?

Yupp Votes are a part of a voting system that allows users to vote for their favorite events. Events with the most votes are pushed ot the top of their specific day list making it easier to discover the most popular events.

How do I use the RSVP feature?

Some events are partnered with Yupp and offer perks to Yupp users. To earn these perks, RSVP to the event on the Yupp site, receive your RSVP confirmation email, and show that email to the event host.

More questions?

Questions and suggestions can be sent via our contact form. We're happy to help!